Deformable Conductive Bondline Spacers – Silver-Coated PMMA Microspheres

Deformable Bondline Spacers - Conductive Silver-Coated Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Microspheres

Product Code: PMMA-AG (Cospheric LLC)
Conductive Silver-Coated Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) PMMA Microspheres

What are deformable conductive bondline spacers?

Deformable conductive bondline spacers are ideal when some deflection of the particles is preferred while maintaining conductivity and compliance.

Poly(methyl methacrylate), also known as PMMA or acrylic, micropshere cores can be combined with a conductive silver coating to create deformable conductive bondline spacers. Deformable conductive spacers offer benefits for Ansiotropic Conductive Film (ACF) applications, creating conductivity in one direction.

The combination of the thick coating of the silver and the bonding to the compliant deformable polymer sphere offers a durable solution.

Silver Coated Glass Microspheres work well for increasing the conductivity of bond lines, but they lack the capability to deform when compressed to give increased conductive contact between the surfaces of the bond line. These newly released Silver Coated PMMA Microspheres offer the low weight deformable PMMA cores, and 250nm thick silver coating for high conductivity. Sizes available cover both the common 50 micron (45-53um) and 100 micron (90-106um) sizes and many others.

These spheres are perfect for producing anisotropic (only conductive in one direction) conductive bond lines.

Actual bond line thickness achieved will be a function of the assembly pressure and the size spheres selected. In addition to being high conductive these silver coated PMMA microspheres are bio-compatible and suitable for biomedical applications.